When I encounter graduates of our child and youth development ministry in countries around the world, I love to ask them about their time in the AMG sponsorship program. I’m met with a big smile as they share with me how their time in the AMG program transformed their lives, spiritually and physically.

Most of these graduates came from backgrounds of extreme poverty. Some were malnourished; others were orphans. For many, their parents were illiterate, and without the help provided by AMG supporters they would never have had the chance to finish school. Others still had been abused and had deep emotional scars.

They were brought to us with deep physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. But at our child and youth development centers they found love, nutritious food, a good education, and healing. Most of them also found the truth of Jesus and came to a saving knowledge of Christ.

After they completed the program at our centers, some of them continued on to vocational and even university training with AMG’s help. Boys and girls who were once impoverished when they were brought into our care are now teachers, accountants, lawyers, pastors, nurses, even high-ranking government officials. They are also active in their local churches and are transforming their communities with the gospel.

Krittika is one example. She is a teacher at AMG’s By Grace School in Thailand. She was born into poverty and grew up living in no more than a bamboo hut. At three years old she was sponsored through our program. She walked nearly two miles one way to attend the AMG center. When she reached high school, she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior despite her Buddhist parents’ disapproval. She is now able to provide for her own family, and she is grateful for God’s blessings in her life. Without AMG she says she would still be living in poverty and would not have a personal relationship with God.

She says, “As a teacher, I have the opportunity to share the Good News of salvation and the love of God with my students. I hope one day they will come to know Christ in the same way I do. I am also still praying that my family will one day become believers in Christ.”

When I see these graduates of our ministry, I see children who have been restored in the image of God. I feel humbled and grateful that AMG is being used by God in this way, and I am grateful to you and all of the sponsors who are investing $32 a month to see the life of a child transformed on this earth for eternity.

There is a great need for sponsors. Will you prayerfully partner with us to invest in the life of a precious boy or girl today? You will impact them for the rest of their lives, and beyond, and you will help to advance the gospel in places where God’s love desperately needs to be proclaimed.

Tasos Ioannidis