My name is Waranya, and I’m 13 years old. I currently live and study at By Grace School in Thailand in 6th grade. I’m from a Hmong hill tribe, and my parents sent me here six years ago to have access to quality education, but what I’ve received is worth far more than what a diploma can give me.

I come from a family of spirit and ancestor worship. My family believes these spirits take care of our family and make offerings to the spirits when someone gets sick or needs something special.

I was plagued with nightmares every night. My parents took me to the magician that lived in our village who practiced “black magic”, and he performed a ceremony to exorcise the evil spirits from me, but it only made it worse. I was so scared and felt insecure even in my childhood home.

When I arrived at By Grace School, I told the hostel parent about these evil spirits, and I was afraid they would follow me to my new home. He would pray for me every night, and I could start sleeping for the first time in years. Each day at the hostel, we read the Bible and memorize Scripture. Matthew 7:7 was the first verse I ever memorized: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

I still felt the evil spirits, and their presence haunted me. My teacher taught me how to pray against them, and since then, I have prayed to God whenever I feel scared or uneasy. After three years of daily learning about the One True God, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I haven’t been baptized yet due to my parent’s objection; however, they respect my desire not to be a part of their ancestor worship.

I finally feel free — fully released from the demonic power that gripped every part of my life until Jesus. Without my sponsor through AMG, my parents would have never been able to afford the tuition here at the school.  I would have never known about His saving power, and I am eternally grateful to my house parents and my sponsor.

This has inspired me to pursue excellence in every aspect of my life in honor of Him. I have studied hard, and I am now the top student in my class and the Student Council president. I know I am incredibly blessed, and I thank God every day He saved me from the fear that gripped every part of my life. He is my freedom!