AMG International has been blessed to use people from their own countries to reach their people throughout our seven-decade history. These people are pastors, church planters, evangelists, doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, administrators, and more.

Abigail has been serving with AMG Uganda for 20 of its 25 years of ministry in the administration department. Without Abigail, there would be a gaping hole in every aspect of the ministry.

She provides organizational support to both individuals and the team while managing communication with children, parents, churches, schools, communities, supporters, and more.

She says one of her favorite parts about her job is being a part of hundreds of children’s lives who are getting a second chance at breaking the cycle of poverty they were born into. “One of the greatest joys I have has come from watching these children grow up and receive Christ in our program,” she says.

Abigail also serves with the Dorcas Ministry, a ministry designed to help mentor young teenage girls in spiritual and physical matters. Many of these girls are orphans, or they come from impoverished families who lack the necessary funds to care for their children. These girls are often abused by their parents, guardians, and others. Often, we see girls this age drop out of school at an early age to be forced into early marriages that lead to early pregnancy and a multitude of sexually transmitted diseases. Dorcas Ministry helps girls realize their God-given potential as a woman of significance and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

“Every facet of the AMG Uganda ministry I have been a part of the last twenty years couldn’t have been possible without the Lord’s faithfulness and the love of our dear partners, sponsors, and donors that God has used to change and transform the lives of so many through their generous giving,” Abigail says.

“I am incredibly grateful for your love and support in the Lord’s harvest. My children have been able to eat, attend school, and they have access to medical care because of your support. Amid a pandemic, we were at peace because of your generosity for our ministry. I want to thank every one of you who has been a part of supporting this ministry for the last 25 years!”