Pastor Babar [not his real name] was born and raised to an impoverished family in Pakistan who had heard nothing about Jesus Christ. Babar came to faith after hearing the gospel from an AMG national leader and sensed that the Lord wanted to use him to tell others of his countrymen about Jesus. He attended the seminary supported by AMG and has served as a missionary ever since, planting two churches in his community.

In nearby Bangladesh, Paul, another AMG pastor, had been witnessing to a Buddhist tribe in the north of the country. Three men in attendance heard the Good News and asked Jesus to become Lord of their lives. Paul proclaims the gospel every opportunity he gets, and God continues to use him to grow His church.

These two men are beautiful examples of how God uses AMG’s support of national leaders and local churches to advance His kingdom. From its very beginning in 1942, AMG has come alongside nationals, such as pastors, teachers, nurses, doctors and others to help them show the love of Christ. All around the world, individuals have come to faith, and church plants are thriving as a result. And this ministry continues to be just as effective today as it has ever been.

The circumstances in which these AMG-supported, faithful servants of God serve can be challenging. There is often opposition and even persecution by Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist majorities. There is widespread poverty to deal with; their communities have profound spiritual and physical needs. And these men and women faithfully and passionately proclaim the gospel and tangibly demonstrate the love of Christ.

They know the language, and they know the culture. Unlike foreign missionaries, they don’t need visas and serve at a fraction of the cost. They know how to respond when disasters strike, whether an earthquake or a typhoon or COVID-19.

And they can do all that because of your support. When you sponsor a local pastor, or doctor, or teacher monthly, or when you support our National Leader’s Fund, you are making it possible to reach the lost with the love of Christ and the gospel.

The Lord has prepared a plentiful harvest, and we need more workers like Babar and Paul to reap that harvest. Will you prayerfully consider coming alongside a local pastor, teacher or other professional to spread the Good News? Together, we can see the kingdom of God advance through our partnership with these precious national leaders.