It’s 1982 in Bacolod City, Philippines.

There was a little girl who loved to learn, but she was also really hungry. Her mother took her to a church they lived close to Maranatha Baptist Church. The church had a ministry that provided meals to those in need…and this little girl was in need. They also had a pre-K class that this little girl was able to enroll in.

Some time went by, and the director of this program, Fe Colinco, reached out and asked this little girl to be a part of a Christian child sponsorship pro-gram with an organization called AMG International. They would feed her and help provide her with an education that could break the cycle of poverty in her life.

Now, this little girl’s mother was Catholic, but a couple of the rules for her child to participate in the program was the necessity to attend a Bible study every Friday, and attend Sunday School.

“I’m not leaving my child alone!”

So the mother started attending church services with her daughter every Sunday. One Sunday the little girl’s mother met Jesus and accepted Him into her life, which changed the life of her family forever. The little girl’s father started to attend church, and as a family they started seeking the Lord.

The little girl had six siblings and, with the help of our donors, each one was accepted into the new child sponsorship program through AMG.

There were so many people helping the little girl’s family physically and spiritually, especially Remy Oguilla, her sponsor.

The little girl had a sponsor until she was in fourth grade, and she remained active in the church. Even though she was little, her faith was big just like her God no matter how tough things got for her family.

Sometimes they had no money to feed the family, but her mother was able to volunteer in the meal ministry. The staff allowed her to take home leftovers for her family. God always provided their “daily bread”.

This little girl grew up and was able to finish high school. She had a desire to be a missionary, so she started attending Bible school right after she graduated.

But when her father died, she left school to help her mother take care of her six younger siblings. But God wasn’t done with her yet.

A Japanese family reached out and sponsored her, which allowed her to finish her college degree in education. During college she continued seeking the Lord with her whole heart. As part of her campus ministry she would regularly go out with her friends and evangelize, and she also taught Sunday school. One year after she graduated from college, her Japanese sponsor asked her to teach English to students in Japan. So this beautiful young Filipino woman headed to Japan in 2000 as an English teaching missionary.

Gloria with "Uncle Harold" and Muriel Lovestrand, long-time AMG missionaries in the Philippines. Meet Gloria.

She and her husband now live in Stock-holm, Sweden. Gloria is active in their church, and has been teaching Sunday School for eleven years.

She has always had a heart for sponsoring children, and prayed that her husband would also have the same desire. Last year her husband told her that he wanted to sponsor children in need, and as soon as she could, Gloria made contact with one of her spiritual mentors about getting involved in sponsoring young people in the Philippines.

The woman she contacted was Remy Oguilla — one of the women who poured into Gloria’s life growing up. Gloria and her husband now sponsor ten children at the AMG child and youth development center in Bacolod. She says,

“I’m encouraging others to become AMG sponsors because while the material things we receive are temporary, the result of knowing Jesus as our Savior is eternal. Sponsoring one child is worth it when the whole family comes to know the Lord like mine did. God used my involvement in the child sponsorship program to lead my mother to the Lord, renew my father’s faith, and bring all six of my younger siblings to saving faith in Jesus. I know the joy of being a sponsored child, but the joy of sponsoring children and giving them the opportunity to meet Jesus is unfathomable.” Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.”