Lucilla has lived in Lima, Peru, for nearly 40 years. She was raised outside the city until she ran away from her family at 15. Her father struggled with alcoholism and abused her when he came home after one of his binges. She ran away to Lima, hoping for a better life, but unfortunately, her past followed her there. She had a relationship with a man who also struggled with drinking and was abusive. When she became pregnant, the man left her.

Sadly, Lucilla repeated this pattern three more times, leaving her alone with four children. The children have grown, and Lucilla now raises her three grandchildren in the city, but they have struggled to make ends meet despite her daughters’ hard work in other cities.

Lucilla started raising her grandchildren in the same harsh environment she was raised in. She would yell and beat them when they misbehaved, showing no compassion for them. But when her grandchildren started attending a local AMG child development center, some of their teachers gently explained to Lucilla that there was a better way to raise her grandchildren and engaged her in a Bible study.

Lucilla says, “My life changed once I heard that Jesus had been beaten, hit, and tortured before He died, and when he was raised back to life, showed compassion on those who mistreated him. I realized that I went through a similar situation, and I didn’t want that for my grandchildren. I want the generational curse to stop with me. I haven’t changed 100%, but I have changed and am continuing to grow in the Father’s love for me.”

Lucilla was quarantined in her home with her family for five months, and even during this stressful time, she says her family grew deeper in their relationships with the Lord. When they received their first COVID-19 Food Relief box from AMG national leaders, they told her it was a gift from God. When she shared that with her grandchildren, their immediate response was, “Then let’s give thanks to God, grandma!” It was the first time they had all prayed together as a family!