Ratna Dwi Setyaningati

Ten years ago, I started teaching kindergarten at AMG’s Supit Urang Primary School near Malang, Indonesia, which is about one kilometer from a landfill where most people in the community make a living as scavengers. Ninety-nine percent of the people in the project are Muslim. The Christians can be counted on two hands. Students begin every week at school singing hymns and meditating on the Bible. Even though most of the students are Muslim, they all memorize the Scriptures and take turns leading worship. Because the Muslim parents care about their children receiving a good education, they are open to them learning the teachings of Jesus at the school. Please pray for our school that we would be able to build new classrooms and attract even more students. Please pray for our teachers as well.

Kasasa Levictus

I often reflect on my personal journey and I’m grateful for how far God has brought me. Growing up, reading the Bible was not permitted in my family. And so, I knew little about Christ. I first started attending AMG’s Namugoga Child and Youth Development Center in Uganda in 2009. I soon came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. AMG nurtured me to share my faith, and in 2012 I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel during a mission trip. Since then, doors for evangelism have opened for me from time to time at church, the center, and places near and far. I love to witness to my friends and tell them about Jesus. I have recently embarked in the pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in law. My dream is to become a lawyer who will stand for the truth in the Uganda courts of law. Through loving mentorship by AMG staff, I developed a passion for writing Christian literature. My first book, The Origin of the Church, will soon be published. I hope to become a great writer, while glorifying God and ministering to others in Uganda.

Soledad Edith Salgado Chavez

I have worked as a manager and tutor at AMG International’s child and youth development centers in Huaraz and Yungar, Peru, since 2010. During that time, I have learned to be a steward of all the opportunities God gives me at home and at the centers. The thing I enjoy most about my work is the devotional time spent with the children at the center. I also appreciate being able to walk with them during times of difficulties, as the kids open up to me about their struggles. In addition, I love seeing our young people serving our Lord at church. All of this is made possible thanks to the support of the children’s sponsors who help meet their physical and spiritual needs.

Kabanda Raymond

I was born into a large family of 11 children. My parents are uneducated Muslims. I grew up under the nurturing of my grandmother, who later connected me to AMG Uganda’s Masajja Child & Youth Development Center, as she couldn’t afford to pay for my education any longer. I entered the center as a third grader and soon learned new things related to love, sharing, and knowing God. I also acquired a better education from what I was previously receiving. In the process, my life has forever been changed. I am now 22 years old, and I am following Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I pray for my family often, and hope they will one day decide to follow Christ as well. Thanks to AMG International, I am the first in my family to attend college. I am pursuing a degree in Education at Makerere University, and plan to become a certified teacher. I am able to afford a college education for the most part because AMG Uganda has provided me with a part-time job at the local ministry office. I thank God for AMG and give Him the glory for where I am today.

Allen Bradberry

My initial involvement with AMG’s Filadelphia Child and Youth Development Center came about through child sponsorship. I have since had the privilege of visiting the center, with my daughter and members of my church, a couple of times in order to serve the kids and visit our sponsored children. At first, the impact of so many faces over a few days was a struggle to process. But, I have been blessed in developing relationships with those who serve at the center. The principal of the center’s school really stands out. His name is Edi and he leads teams, like those from my church, into the homes of sponsored children. I have found Edi to be a model of servant leadership. He has a relationship with the children served through the center, and he knows their families as well. Edi is a humble leader and a model of biblical manhood to his staff and to the children entrusted to his care. To my knowledge, the center operates the only Evangelical school in the city, and is faithful to the true doctrine. The Filadelphia center is making a positive impact on the community of Balanya, Guatemala, and I look forward to seeing how the Lord uses it in the future.