My name is Pastor Alison Ahebwomugisha. I am the youngest of eight children. My dad died when I was two years old and my mum died when I was just seven. From that point on, I was raised by my aunt who loved me as she did her own children.

I grew up in a Christian family and was surrounded by believers in my Church family. Being raised in a Christian home, I found myself merely going through the motions of doing “Christian things” that I thought I was expected to do. I didn’t personally know Christ; I just knew about Him from a distance.

I came to join AMG International in 2001 while in the second grade. It was there that I became exposed to the Word of God. It wasn’t long after that I came to know Jesus personally as my Lord and Savior. Interacting with other children and teachers from AMG comforted and encouraged me, and it gave me purpose in life. Because of my experiences at AMG, I became passionate about exploring all the Bible teaches about new life in Christ.

Finding myself at a low point in life, I felt alone and afraid while in the sixth grade. But, God drew me to Himself. From growing up in a Christian home and through Bible teachings by AMG staff at Bugongi, I knew what I needed to do. I knew Jesus would save me if I just let Him into my heart. And that’s what I did in 2005. I confessed to Him that I was a sinner and that I was trying to find contentment in other people. I acknowledged that God sent Jesus to die on the cross so that I could be saved from my sins and have eternal life. I committed myself to living for God instead of others while forgetting about my past. I remember praying, “God, create for me a platform where I can serve you the rest of my life.”

Since knowing Him, God has shown me that being a Christian isn’t just about doing good works. He made it clear to me that I cannot earn my salvation or His love (Eph. 2:8-9). He has given me fulfillment, purpose and joy in my life. I am not perfect by any means and I still mess up at times, but God loves me despite my flaws and imperfections. And, while the things I previously pursued continually let me down, God has never left me. He has shown Himself to me in His Word. God was with me when my parents died and at the other low points in my life. In coming to faith, He rescued me from myself and eternal separation from Him.

As a youngster, I remember for the longest time wanting to be a lawyer. But, due to the divine intervention in my life, He gave me a new purpose – teaching His Word in my high school. Since engaging in ministry, God has not left me as I was. Back then, and continuing today, God has transformed me into the likeness of His dear Son. I view challenges as opportunities, and I have seen God’s mighty hand at work in my life, family and ministry.

In high school my after-school administrators entrusted me to serve as a spiritual minister – leading all spiritual activities in my school. I enjoyed serving God while serving my fellow students as Scripture Union Chairperson and Chief Warden in the school Chapel. Serving in these ministerial roles helped me to discover my calling and purpose in life.

To realize my calling, I needed to pursue a greater understanding of the Bible. AMG’s Uganda Director, along with my teachers and family, encouraged me to follow my heart’s desires and my giftedness, and introduced me to the Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST) to pursue a theology degree in pastoral studies. While studying, I became inspired by God to plant a church.

Beginning in February 2016, I started meeting with two AMG staff members to seek God’s guidance through prayer and studying His Word. Through that process, God led us to Kyambazi village where we began our first Bible study fellowship in April 2016. Our newly formed church began meeting 90 minutes two times a week for Bible study fellowships. We had our first Sunday service in November 2016, after seven months of Bible study meetings. The Kyambazi community is largely populated by Muslims and is full of witchcraft practices. And yet, I am grateful to God for the Neema Bible Community Church despite the personal and ministry challenges present in the village. Neema is a Swahili word meaning Grace. Looking back over the past years, I am thankful to God for His faithfulness and provision. And I am excited to serve God through pastoral ministry and Bible teaching. Our goal at the Neema Bible Community Church is to holistically impact and equip people with the Word of God. We are people who passionately desire to know, love, and glorify God, thereby displaying His incomparable beauty and infinite worth for the entire world to see. We want to be God-centered and wholeheartedly make Him a foundation of all we do. Our church’s slogan is “Friends for life,” and our purpose is to know Him and make Him known in our community.

We have 34 members in our church, and we are focused on developing a strong fellowship of believers; growing deeper through Bible study and discipleship; growing stronger through praise and worship; expanding our ministry through evangelism and community outreach; and developing effective leaders through mentorship.

As a Pastor, I love the Lord and I love sharing all  God did and continues to do in my life. God has enabled me to go through leadership and ministry challenges and opportunities. Through it all, I have seen His hand in my life and in the life of the church. I know the opportunities and the challenges before me are great, but thankfully so is the Lord I serve. As Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 19:26, “All things are possible with God.” I thank God for all of you who have prayed for and supported our ministry. Neema Church is going to transform many lives in the community thanks to you and the Lord Jesus.