Galanki Rao was ten years old when white spots were first found on his legs. His parents took him to a local hospital for treatment; however, the medicine he was prescribed helped very little in the long run. The spots turned into sores, and both continued to spread. Galanki’s parents had very little understanding of leprosy, and even after being treated at different hospitals, the disease became a permanent part of his life.

He was fortunate enough to still learn a trade, and he became an electrician working in a vocational training center for a few years. Someone on the staff knew of Galanki’s situation and sent him to an AMG International office close by to receive some much-needed help after years of struggling with leprosy. The national leaders at the office welcomed Galanki with open arms, offering him an electrician and repairman job in the local AMG leprosy colony, along with a home and more financial assistance than he had at the vocational center. Along with a stable job, Galanki received food, a house, clothes, effective medicine, and even travel expenses for his monthly trips to a hospital in a different village.

Soon after moving into the AMG community, Galanki married and had two sons who are now both healthy, married, and working. AMG was able to help provide schooling for his sons, and even helped prepare them for their marriages!

For Galanki, though, the most important part of his story is how he came to know the Lord. A national pastor presented the gospel one evening in the colony, sharing how Christ came to cleanse people of all their sins and give them eternal life in Him. Not only did Galanki believe, but his wife and two sons came to know Christ as well!

Galanki and his wife, who also has leprosy, have lived in the care of AMG for more than three decades. They say there are not enough words to express their gratitude to God, the national leaders and partners who have given them the life they have had. It is because of faithful partners like you that thousands of people, just like Galanki and his wife, have had their lives transformed and have been given eternal hope by having their deepest needs met in love.