“Our needs were met through AMG.”

Children like me who come from needy families in the Philippines have a difficult time celebrating Christmas. Families struggle to find a way to purchase new garments for their children. When I would ask my parents for something new at Christmas, they would say they couldn’t afford it. We didn’t even have enough money to buy multiple pairs of underwear, so my mother would wash what we had on a daily basis. We were envious of other families that looked forward to Christmas and presents. In our house, Christmas was just like every other day because we didn’t have the means to buy gifts and prepare a special meal. We just wore old dresses and damaged clothes, until AMG stepped in.

When I started receiving new clothes and groceries from AMG, it felt so good. My parents’ worries about providing us with new clothes disappeared. They were so happy that we were receiving gifts from people who cared for us and understood our situation. I am also grateful to AMG for the Bundles of Love they provide every Christmas, which have included new clothes, underwear, and groceries. Our needs were met through AMG.

Because of AMG, my family learned to cherish Christmas in the Filipino culture. It became something to look forward to. Thank you! ~ Kath

“My child received a Bible once from AMG, which benefited my entire family.”

Praise be to the Lord our Father who is gracious and surely cares for us. I am thankful that God has granted my family the opportunity to be part of AMG. It is one of the biggest blessings in our life. I have seen my child’s life change both spiritually and socially as a result of the Lord working through AMG.

When Christmas approaches, I know we will receive something special from the AMG sponsors. And, we can’t wait to see it unveiled. My child has received blankets, Bibles, shoes, and school bags over the years, which comes as such a relief to me given my family’s financial challenges. My child is always happy with the gift received, and handles every item with care because it is cherished.

My child received a Bible once from AMG, which benefited my entire family. We now have daily moments of prayer together, and my children attentively participate. My neighbor is anxiously waiting for her children to be sponsored so they too can attend AMG’s Namugoga Child and Youth Development Center. They have seen the positive change in my family and attribute it to AMG.

May God continue to bless and provide for our sponsors who share Christ’s love with us. ~ Samalie Ssekikongo (parent)

“I’d like to thank our AMG sponsors for making our Christmas special…”

Oh, how I love Christmas at AMG’s Igamba Child and Youth Development Center. I look forward to our Christmas party each year. We have a special celebration where we sing, dance and entertain our parents and visitors. Last year I received a beautiful white dress. I love my dress. I’d like to thank our AMG sponsors for making our Christmas special, and making us feel loved and cared for. ~ Sandra Yvet

“It is a time where we can share the joy of our faith with others.”

AMG India has been rendering services to poor and needy people for the last 50 years. Children’s basic needs are being met, academic and spiritual, while enjoying the love of Jesus Christ. Because of the generosity of donors, Bundles of Love provides children with a new set of clothes, toys, pencils along with a special feast during the Christmas season. It is a pleasure for us at AMG India to share our joy with others on the eve of Jesus’ birth – a day that brings us heavenly joy and peace.

We hold an annual Christmas celebration and invite our children, their families, our staff and government officials to participate. During the celebration, Bundles of Love are distributed, carols are sung, and the children perform Christmas skits that share the story of Jesus’ birth. In addition, a special message is shared with all in attendance that focuses on the significance of Christmas. It is a time where we can share the joy of our faith with others. The Bundles of Love are a tangible means for demonstrating the love of God and Christian compassion and charity. And, they bring joy and happiness to the hearts of poor and needy children and their parents – all of whom are grateful to AMG’s generous donors who make this initiative possible. ~ Arun Kumar Kanti Mohanty, Director

“…the children feel especially loved when they receive gifts from their sponsors…”

Christmas in the Philippines is one of the biggest holidays in the country. In fact, Filipinos celebrate the world’s longest Christmas season; with decorations going up in houses, malls, and in public and private buildings, and carols heard as early as September and lasting into mid-January. Christmas is also a time of thanksgiving for all the blessings each child and family receives from AMG throughout the year.

At AMG Philippines’ Youth and Child Development Centers, preparations for Christmas celebrations begin as early as November when center staff prepare for the special programs, and begin shopping for meaningful gifts for the children and their families. Parents and children are involved in the preparation of the Christmas program at the center that includes games, testimonies, hearing an inspiring Christmas message, singing, dancing, feasting and receiving gifts. Children receive gifts ranging from clothes, shoes, toys, and food. And, parents receive groceries for their Christmas Eve celebration.

Every child and parent looks forward to AMG’s special Christmas celebration. It ignites feelings of excitement and anticipation. The Christmas season is a time of giving — the giving of the first Christmas gift, our Lord Jesus. He was given to us because of God’s great love for us. With that in mind, the children feel especially loved when they receive gifts from their sponsors and other generous supporters whom they have not personally met. They feel like they care for them just as they do their own children.

“Thank you for making our children feel special and loved through your Bundles of Love gifts.”

By Grace School, in Thailand, is the only Christian school in the Maejarim district of Nan Province. Most of the other schools follow the Buddhist tradition. We have 229 students in total at By Grace (41 in kindergarten, 149 in grammar school, and 39 in high school). Unlike the other schools in the area, By Grace holds a very special Christmas celebration each year for the children and their parents. This year’s celebration will take place on December 22.

The students look forward to the annual event, and they are excited to hear the story of Jesus’ birth presented in word, song and drama. The children enjoy performing a Christmas play, while singing, dancing and sharing their talents with their peers and families.

Bundles of Love have a special impact on the children, for they are a tangible expression of God’s love for them. The majority of our students come from poor families. As such, gifts are rarely exchanged. During our special Christmas celebration, the children are so happy and grateful for AMG donors – most of whom they have never met in person. Likewise, the parents are happy to see their children filled with joy. They witness the Christian spirit of giving and are open to the Gospel message shared during the celebration.

Thank you for making our children feel special and loved through your Bundles of Love gifts. ~ Mrs. Kalayaporn Promkandorn, Director of AMG’s New Hope Child and Youth Development Center

“…my daughter… received a blanket as her Christmas gift, which blessed the whole family.”

I am a single mother of five children, and I salute the work of AMG Uganda staff for teaching them God’s word, which has transformed their lives. My children love God and for that I am grateful. I am also thankful to God for granting my family the opportunity to be part of the AMG family, for they have helped me tremendously in raising and educating my children.

In 2008, I was blessed to serve with AMG as a volunteer teacher at Namugoga Child and Youth Development Centre. In 2011, after the passing of my husband, AMG extended a helping hand by permitting two of my children to enter the program due to the generosity of sponsors. Because of that, I have seen my children’s lives change spiritually and socially as a result of the Lord working through AMG, and through the prayers of sponsors who have helped us with educational costs.

When Christmas approaches, my children get excited knowing they will be receiving special gifts from AMG. My children have received items such as blankets, Bibles, shoes and school bags. As a parent, I am relieved when they receive the gifts.

In 2016, my daughter, Kansiime Shallom, received a blanket as her Christmas gift, which blessed the whole family. Initially I had to have my children share beds and beddings because I could not afford to provide for all of them, but now Shallom is able to sleep alone because of her blanket. My burden was reduced even more after each of my children received quality bedding. Because of the workmanship, I may never have to buy another blanket. Shallom values her gifts and takes good care of them.

My son, Mugumya Joshua, who is a student at Upendo Christian School, has also been blessed tremendously by AMG. Most of his required school supplies have been obtained from the special Bundles of Love he receives. Because Upendo is an AMG school, the children’s individual needs are always assessed and provided for. Over the years, Joshua has received a complete school uniform, school shoes, and a school bag through Bundles of Love.

I am thankful to God and to the faithful AMG donors for the selfless love they bestow on my family. May God continue to supply all your needs. But most of all this Christmas season, I thank God for the gift of His son, Jesus Christ, who saves us from our sins. ~ Arigye Evas (Upendo parent)