The Glapansari Child and Youth Development Center is located on Mount Sumbing in Central Java. Locals say the area has only two seasons: hot; and rainy! Clean water is piped in from the mountain and is stored in large basins to be used for drinking, bathing and cooking. The local diet consists mostly of rice, vegetables and salted fish (if they can afford to buy it). Most families in the area are farmers and make very little money, so they live on what they grow.

The majority religion in the area is Islam, but parents are happy to allow their children to come to our child and youth development centers – and even attend church – because they see the benefits the children receive as a result.

Regardless of why they come, Pastor Daniel Gathot Widiyanto, director of the Glapansari Center, explains what he wants for the children who come under our care. He says, “I as director have a deep desire to help children become healthy, intelligent individuals who believe in Jesus.”

The center recently sent us several testimonies illustrating how that vision is coming to fruition as both physical and spiritual needs are addressed in the lives of teachers and students.

I really want the children to be people who are useful for the church and the country. When they open up to me about their problems, I become a mentor for them. – Fransica Riatik, teacher

We grow spiritually and physically because of the care of the teachers. We learn to live disciplined and polite. Center activities make my daily life positive – Apvia Rosana, student

There are various activities that accommodate our talents. We also get help to explore our school lessons. Our tutors are very open and really help us learn well. – Yulia Kristin Dwi Pratiwi, student

The center helped me to become a confident person. Here I also learned how to serve God sincerely. – Monika Arum, student

I was blessed with the activities at this center. At the center I learned to be a praise leader, tambourine dancer, playing keyboard and guitar. All activities have taught me to be a qualified servant of God, able to compete and be a blessing. Now I am a preschool teacher. All this is because of the teachers who educated me to love God and others more. – Yustina Stefani, graduate

Please pray for Pastor Daniel and other Christian leaders in the area as they model Christ to both students and villagers. Pray that the villagers, who see the love of Christ demonstrated through the local church, would come to know Him as Savior. Pray for the children who come to the center and learn about Jesus, that they too would come to believe in Jesus as their Savior.

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