One of the greatest joys of sponsoring a child is watching them come to know the Lord, receive their own Bible, and mature into a disciple of Christ. Marry’s sponsor has had this privilege for the past twelve years. 

By partnering with AMG International, he helped break the cycle of poverty in Marry’s life while giving her the opportunity to be preparing her spiritually, physically, socially and intellectually to become all God calls her to be. Marry is eager to graduate and enter the workforce so she can begin giving back. Many adults in Marry’s community have not received an adequate education. However, with the educational support and skills training, she has received at the Paliparan Child Development Center, Marry will be able to go to college and find an excellent job. With the income she earns, she hopes to help provide for her parents and three sisters as well as become a sponsor herself and support another child in need in her community. 

The children in our sponsorship program are taught to value hard work and personal achievement rather than depending on others’ generosity. Marry exemplifies these values with her determination to provide for her own needs like a cell phone and laptop to help her with her collegiate studies. It is clear from Marry’s letter that she is incredibly grateful for her sponsor and all she has received through the AMG sponsorship program. Our continued prayer for Marry and every sponsored child is that she would be empowered to walk in God’s grace and serve as a light in these dark times, radiating God’s glory within this dark world wherever He leads!