Can you imagine being thirsty in a place that regularly exceeds 110 degrees during the hot season and where water is scarce? You would be desperate and worried about your survival. That is the situation so many of India’s more than 1.35 billion people find themselves today. And that is why our coworkers have for years been seeking to make life-sustaining water available to villagers in the regions in which we work.

Borewells, which cost $1,000 to purchase and install, have become the most reliable and attainable source of clean water for thousands of residents in each area where they are put in place. Women, men and children who previously had to travel extremely long dis- tances in search of water now have easy access to the precious resource.

I vividly remember the last time I visited a borewell, that was provided by AMG resource partners like you, in a village in southern India. There was a line of women, young and old, waiting to fill their containers with clear, refreshing water. They were so happy and full of joy as they shared how much this well meant to them. It had changed their daily lives for the better and helped them to know that there are Christians who love and care about them. Jesus’ compassion had been made known to them in a very tangible way.

These days the world is preoccupied with the devas- tating effects of COVID-19. Our AMG national teams around the world are indeed working hard to provide basic essentials needed for the survival of families who have been devastated by this disaster both physically and economically. But at the same time, we must not forget other disastrous shortages that threaten people’s lives such as a lack of water.

Together, we can provide much-needed borewells that will make available clean water to families and communities who are struggling due to severe
drought conditions. And when we do that, we can also point individuals to the One who provides living water for eternity to all who drink it (John 4:14), as we address people’s spiritual needs. Just as Christ met the physical and spiritual needs of the people of His day, you and I can follow His example and do the very same thing today in His precious name.

Tasos Ioannidis

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