Merinah was nine months pregnant with her first child, anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby girl. Her contractions had started in the early morning hours, and as the pain intensified, she went to Hope Medical Center in Bugongi, AMG’s medical clinic in the rural area.

She was admitted immediately by the clinic staff and monitored using a partograph. Still, this instrument is somewhat limited, and the only solution to such a problem was the scanner, but this was not done because the ultrasound scanner hadn’t been functional since last summer.

The midwife on call is very experienced and did everything in her power to check on Merinah’s progress. She quickly discovered that her baby girl was breach, and one of the baby’s legs had already come out.

The midwives at Hope Medical Center knew that this meant certain death for the baby and mother as they did not have the resources to handle this situation at the clinic. Typically, they would have realized this sooner with an ultrasound scanner and arranged for her to deliver at the local hospital, about ten miles away.

Merinah had no car, and no one in her family had a car. They didn’t have the money to rent one, and at this stage in labor, that wouldn’t have been an option anyway.

AMG Uganda National Director Dr. Reuben Musiime traveled to Bugongi to check on the clinic and see the pandemic’s impact on our community. He saw what was happening and immediately told the midwife to help put Merinah in his car. He drove her to the hospital, where she was immediately taken back for a C-section.

Merinah and her baby, Vivian, are both safe, healthy, and thriving. Since the birth, AMG provided a new scanner for the clinic that has already helped many pregnant women know the condition of the pregnancy and deliveries. Praise the Lord!