Imagine being an eight-year-old and having no parents to rely on. Imagine growing up in extreme poverty — sometimes going a whole day without any food — and longing for sleep to ignore your hunger and ease the pain. Imagine searching through trash to find leftovers to eat to help get you through the day.

That was the life of Richard in the Philippines. But even worse than the desperate physical suffering he faced was his emotional suffering. Richard says, “emptiness enveloped my whole being. I lost hope.” That all changed the day he was put in contact with our AMG International coworkers at Home of Hope Orphanage in the Philippines.

“My admission to AMG’s program was heaven to me,” says Richard, who is now ten years old. He receives regular meals and snacks every day at Home of Hope. He also sleeps soundly and comfortably without having to think about where his next meal will come from. For the first time he was able to enroll in school and get a sound education that will give him the opportunity to escape poverty in his life.

But the most exciting part was having his spiritual needs met. “The most significant change in my life,” says Richard, “was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior to whom I entrust everything. I will hold on to Him as long as I live because without Him I am nothing.” This little boy’s life, once wrought with a lack of hope, is now filled with joy and contentment. And, through the generosity of our financial partners, and the staff at Home of Hope, Richard experiences love and care every single day. Thank you for playing an important role in the transformation of his life.

Richard is not alone. There are thousands of other boys and girls with similar stories who are under AMG’s care around the world. Through the investment of $32 a month by loving sponsors, we can meet the deepest needs of these precious boys and girls. We can point them to Jesus and see hope restored in their lives, just as in Richard’s life.

Unfortunately, there are many more little ones who need help. But, through your thoughtful support we can care for them in Jesus’ name. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us by investing in the lives of one or more precious children in need? In doing so, you will provide them an opportunity for a brighter future where they will become living testimonies to God’s transforming power.

May the Lord richly bless you.

Tasos Ioannidis