Circulated in Greek Around the Globe

There are three key publications and ministries that mark our work among Greek-speaking people all over the world. And, all three are having a tremendous impact throughout the biblical land of Greece.

First is the Voice of Gospel, which is the oldest ministry of AMG International still in operation today. It began being published in 1942, and still effectively connects Greek-speaking people around the globe with the Good News and the work of God. In fact, it is the largest Greek discipleship magazine in publication today. We print 4,000 copies of each edition, which contains 50 full-colored pages circulated throughout Greece, North and South America, Europe, Australia and many African countries – wherever Greek-speaking people are found. Voice of the Gospel articles typically focus on the following:

  • Biblical truth for everyday life
  • News of various events taking place in small evangelical communities
  • Contemporary subjects written by well-known personalities from Evangelical churches
  • News of the ministry of AMG International around the globe
  • Interviews with people impacting our society
  • Family issues, apologetics, evangelism, along with ethical and theological issues
  • Promotion of Christian books and music

The magazine serves all denominations, and can even be found on the desk of the archbishop of Greece, along with many local churches around the world. The magazine can also be found via Facebook, which introduces even more people to the publication.

The monthly potential readership is about 10 to 12 thousand people, which is half of the entire evangelical community in Greece. We recently received a phone call from a man serving a life sentence wanting to receive the magazine at a prison on the island of Crete. He thanked us for our stories and said he came to know Christ by reading the Voice of the Gospel. Praise the Lord for His mercy and for using this blessed tool to bring people home.

Many of our readers come from nominal Christian backgrounds of the state church of Greece. Recently, one of our subscribers wrote, “The Voice of the Gospel is a huge support for our faith and connects us with God’s people. Every time I receive it I feel like a little child receiving the best gift ever.” We often receive similar messages from all over the world, and we are so privileged to touch precious souls for the advancement of His kingdom!

The second publication is called Epiousios Artos, which translates to Daily Bread in Greek. It is a daily devotional aimed at helping people grow in their everyday life with the Lord. This Greek language devotional is being circulated in 106 countries, and reaches more than three million people.

The testimonies we receive from readers are so moving. We hear from many people, who don’t have a church community nearby, that the publication serves as an important spiritual resource. Practical stories and devotions equip and encourage God’s people. It is a wonderful gift that many of our readers use as a tool to share their faith with others. Epiousios Artos is also available via the Internet and reaches far more people than we could have imagined. Please pray for those working behind the scenes writing and translating this daily devotional.

Our Internet evangelistic newspaper, titled The Winners (Nikites in Greek) can be found at We have had more than 1.5 million visitors to the site in recent years.

Lastly is our Evangelistic calendar. This strategic publication gets distributed once a year, and contains 365 evangelistic and encouraging Bible-based comments and stories, along with verses from the Word of God and short prayers. The calendar is being circulated to Greek speaking people all over the world.

Recently a lady came to know Christ after receiving the calendar as a gift, and is now a faithful member of our church community. We have been visiting her family and expect some of them to become believers as well. We could double the number of calendars distributed if we had additional resources.

We praise the Lord for our media evangelism ministry, which, no matter the platform, conveys the Good News of Jesus. Would you consider investing in this important ministry so that we can reach even more people for Christ this year?

Fotis Romeos, AMG International’s Vice President for Eastern Europe