Ganapavaram is a small village in India made up of 200 families from all walks of life. Most of these families work in local cotton mills, tobacco fields, or in the local textile factory. If they don’t work on a particular day, they don’t eat that day. On top of that, savings are pretty much nonexistent for these families. Most people in the village had to drop out of school at a young age to help provide for their families, so many have never even learned how to read.

Nagandla Sitamma is from the lowest caste level. Her husband died in a car accident, leaving her and their two children to support themselves. Her son, Samuel, at- tends an AMG school, and her daughter goes to a nearby government school. Nagandla works for a daily pay- check at a cotton factory close to their village, but her schedule is not consistent which makes providing for her family difficult.

Not only do most people in this village struggle to put food on the table, but the severe drought India has been facing for years also makes finding water — much less clean water — very difficult, especially in the summer. Occasionally there would be some water in a pond close to the village, but it was not clean, and Nagandla and her children got sick many times from drinking and using it. When the pond dries in the summer, someone in her family would have to walk three to five miles each day to collect water to drink, which means at times that Nagandla has to give up her daily paycheck. Many other people in the village were forced into the same situation, some even had to sell their livestock because they did not have enough water to sustain both their family and their cattle.

Nagandla and her family attend the local church in their village where they pray often, asking God to provide much-needed water. It was at church that she overheard some of her neighbors talking about how AMG India installed wells in nearby villages. Nagandla then ap- proached her village elders, asking them to reach out to AMG. Soon after, God answered her prayers when AMG installed a well in Ganapavaram.

The elders of the village told us, “Because of AMG India, we now have a working, high quality borewell, and our people and their livestock are getting sufficient clean drinking water. This is helping to improve the financial situations of many of our families because they can go to work without having to sacrifice the day to find water from a distant source. Health and sanitation conditions have improved as well. We are grateful to AMG and their donors for providing us with sustainable water, and we praise God for the way He has provided through you!”

AMG India has a goal of building 50 new borewells in villages, just like Ganapavaram, in 2020. If you would like to support this deep physical need, you can visit our website at to learn more. It costs $1,000 to purchase and install each well in the most affected villages we serve.

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