Ali (not his actual name) was desperate. The ISIS extremists had invaded his town in Syria. Until that moment, he had a comfortable life as a successful merchant marine captain with a nice home and car. But in that flashing moment, the life he had known was over. If he wanted to live, he had to run.

All seemed lost, and despair filled his life. He fled to Turkey, then on to Greece. He wondered why he had to suffer. What he didn’t realize in that moment was that God had something different in mind for him, and the material loss he experienced would lead to an eternal gain. It was in Greece that Ali heard the gospel, and his entire life was transformed. After his salvation, his hunger to learn more about the one true God grew, along with a desire to serve Him.

Ali is now one of AMG’s national leaders in charge of our refugee ministry in downtown Athens. Hundreds of refugees come by the center each week, giving him a chance to share the Good News. As a result, other refugees have come to a saving faith in Jesus and are now attending a church of more than 100 people. Ali shared with me his dream of one day returning to Syria to share the gospel with people in his homeland.

This is just one of many stories illustrating how God is at work among Muslim refugees in Greece. From the beginning of AMG International 77 years ago, our passion has been to evangelize, disciple, and meet people’s deepest spiritual, physical, and emotional needs in the name of Jesus Christ.

Because of our faithful partners, we have seen God do truly incredible things in 2019. Thousands of children have been cared for in child and youth development centers around the world. Tens of thousands have received medical care. Thousands more were helped following disasters that devastated their lives. New churches have been planted by our national church planters, and millions have heard or read the Good News through our media evangelism efforts. We praise God that we are able to see this amazing fruit.

But our task is not done. There are more than three billion people around the world who still need to hear the gospel, and hundreds of millions of people still live in extreme poverty. Together, we will press on to touch as many lives as possible. God has laid on our hearts a passion to see the ministry expand to people in Iran, Malaysia, Laos, and countries in Africa in 2020.

Will you prayerfully continue to partner with AMG to meet these needs? God is using you to make an eternal difference in the lives of those who are in desperate need of hope that only Jesus can give.