Once when I was in Uganda, my friend and AMG Director for that country, Reuben Musiimee, shared with me why we established a medical clinic right next to one of our child and youth development centers.

Two children in our center had died unnecessarily.

And their deaths could have been prevented.

They had contracted malaria, something very common in sub-Saharan Africa, and normally very treatable. Desperate, the parents in this remote part of Uganda didn’t know what to do. They took these precious little ones to the local witch doctor. Witch doctors still have a lot of influence in several areas, due in part to culture, lack of education, and because medical facilities are scarce and far away.

The death of these two children was a life-changing moment for Reuben.

He was sad. He was angry.

Those children had died of something so easily treatable, and it should never be allowed to happen again.

With a lot of effort and support from our donors, a small AMG clinic was established in Bugongi. With your help, we have since opened several other medical clinics in Uganda. Thousands of medical needs have been provided for people and many have found healing.

Last year, AMG’s nursing school opened in Uganda after we learned from a government official there was only one nurse available for every 5,000 Ugandans. Through this much needed and well-regarded school even more lives will be impacted in the future, while the love of Christ is being tangibly expressed through AMG trained nurses.

In Luke 9:2 Jesus sends out His disciples to preach and heal. And with your help, that’s what we do around the world as we work to follow Jesus’ example and meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of those we serve.

Your support is making it possible to treat tens of thousands of people each year in AMG’s medical facilities in Uganda, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, and India, and many of these facilities provide care to individuals in need who do not have any other access to healthcare.

This need is ongoing, and we want to help even more people. One way we are focused on helping is by growing the nursing school in Uganda. If you would like to be a part of this mission, please pray about financially coming alongside AMG to fund the expansion of the nursing school. Together, we can treat and minster to even more people struggling with health concerns.


Tasos Ioannidis