Even before the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, upended the lives of billions of people around the world, each day was already a struggle for so many families. This was particularly true for many of the precious boys and girls in our child and youth development programs who come from environments of extreme poverty. Lack of food and resulting malnutrition, lack of education, even abuse and abandonment are a reality for millions of children all over the world.

I have seen many of these little ones in AMG’s child and youth development centers and I have heard many of their heart-breaking stories. One of the stories that especially moved me was from 12-year-old Maryjane in the Philippines, whom I met earlier this year. She was sexually abused by both her stepfather and her biological father. She felt helpless and betrayed because no one in her family believed her when she said anything to try and get help. But God worked in her life and she was brought to AMG’s home for abused children. “Currently I am living in a home where everyone shows me love and care and makes sure that my voice is heard,” she said. With the help of loving staff and the support of our donors, she has been restored emotionally and physically as an image-bearer of God. She knows she is loved by God and says, “I believe in God and entrust Him with my future.” She wants to become a social worker and also a policewoman when she grows up in order to help other children like her.

It is amazing to see the work God does in the lives of children when they are brought to AMG. He fixes their brokenness, restores hope in their lives for a brighter future, and utilizes resource partners like you to provide the basic things these boys and girls need along with an education that equips them to live a life apart from poverty. When you provide for these children through sponsorship or by supporting AMG’s overall child and youth development programs, you also ensure that they hear the truths of the gospel. As a result, many of these children’s lives are transformed, and in turn the Lord uses them to strengthen local churches and transform local communities.

As we act in obedience to God, we can make a lasting difference in many lives. Today, the situation that we face in the areas we work is made even more challenging because of the coronavirus outbreak. Millions upon millions of families lost their source of daily income making their struggle that much harder. Our help is more needed than ever. Will you prayerfully come alongside AMG to help meet the deep spiritual and physical needs of these children? They need you. As you invest in one of these precious lives, you will make a difference for their immediate future and also for eternity. Please visit amgkids.org to see the pictures and profiles of children waiting to be sponsored. Thank you so much for your partnership.