“We are one,”

…perfectly captures the essence of AMG’s ministry in Greece this year. The CosmoVision Center, HomeSpot, and Athens Ministry Center (AMC) saw one of their most successful years yet, and we are praising the Lord for that.

The CosmoVision Center, a multifaceted facility primarily used for youth outreach, saw its busiest camp season to date with record numbers passing through the dorms. The campers were from all over the world, many of them refugees. CosmoVision is also experiencing growing relationships with its network of evangelical churches as they come year after year for church retreats, youth events, or for just a meal together.

AMG’s third year of systematic refugee ministry has also been a testament to God’s love and care for displaced people who not only have many physical needs, but who are desperately searching for something or someone to bring purpose to all their suffering. Whether it’s offering a cup of coffee, teaching English lessons, playing children’s games, organizing computer labs, providing transportation to appointments or answering their deeper questions about life and faith, our faithful national leaders and missionaries are striving to be His hands and feet wherever they can.

Through faith, we were also able to advance our refugee outreach ministry in additional ways this year. After a successful launch, we now have a year under our belts of operating AMC as a cooperative effort with several Athens churches and ministries. We also opened HomeSpot Lab in Lavrio as a space for women (and even a few men) to learn skills in weaving and sewing to prepare them for future job opportunities. God has provided the storefront and resources needed to get this endeavor up and running, and the facility is now overflowing with equipment and students!

In collaboration with our resource partners, the multiple ministries of AMG in Greece are thriving. We are blessed in watching God move in the lives of refugees and the lost as He weaves all these people back together into ONE community that is growing and seeking to know Him more.  It’s a beautiful picture of His church in all its diversity of peoples and languages!