The Bugongi College of Nursing and Midwifery in Uganda started admitting students in November 2017, and since then, the Lord has expanded their work in God-sized ways.

The college is located around 150 miles from the capital city of Kampala. AMG International operates a child and youth development center in Bugongi serving almost 250 children. Hope Medical Center is also there to meet the health needs of children at the center and people in need in the surrounding communities.

The rural villages in Uganda are at a significant disadvantage, especially in this area, in terms of the availability of quality health care. Even though 80 percent of the Ugandan population lives in rural areas, providing health care in these areas is not one of the government’s top priorities. As a result, Ugandans with health concerns often suffer through their ailments without needed prescriptions and medical care. A recent statistic shows there is only one healthcare professional per 5,000 people in Uganda.

The college was established with the primary mission of imparting spiritual and medical knowledge to their students while addressing the desperate healthcare needs in Uganda. This college is an answered prayer for the rural community of Bugongi. Together, we are equipping young people with healthcare skills while teaching them to be God’s hands and feet as they prepare to confidently share His Word with the patients they will treat after graduation.

In 2019, the college had 121 students enrolled, which is significantly higher than the 13 students they started with in 2017! The students

AMG Uganda Director Reuben Musiime evaluating progress of construction for BCNM expansion

have access to a fully stocked library containing resources essential to their education. They also have computer and skills labs where students spend a good portion of their class time learning practical procedures they will use in their careers.

With this continued growth, the school is expecting to welcome an additional 80 students in 2020. Through your generous support last year, our faithful resource partners provided $156,000 to start construction on the much-needed campus expansion. The new three-story building will provide more space for the skills and computer labs, more classrooms, and additional office space to meet the needs of the growing student body and staff.

One of the immediate needs the new building will accommodate is the separation of the nursing and midwifery skills labs. The new labs will allow students to focus on their specific programs while allowing them to practice in an environment designed specifically for them.

As the college continues to expand, local government leaders have agreed to provide two more acres to the college. There is a need for more buildings to be added in the future to provide additional dorms and classrooms to accommodate their planned higher education programs. Some of AMG Uganda’s long-term goals include adding a teaching hospital on the campus, Bachelor’s degree programs, and eventually changing their status to a university.

Dr. Andrea Guyton Lill caring for a patient during a medical missions trip in 2019

“This nursing college has made a big impact on this community where accessing quality healthcare is the biggest challenge. In rural Ugandan villages, many people believe in witchcraft and seek out witchdoctors for medical care. This college creates a safe place for people to seek medical care when they are sick, and in the process close the gap in meeting people’s physical and spiritual needs. Our core ministry here at the Bugongi College of Nursing and Midwifery is to share the gospel and heal people’s souls,” says AMG Uganda Director Reuben Musiime.

Please continue praying for our students as they train to become God’s skilled ambassadors in the country of Uganda. College Principal Rosebell Kwesiga says, “I look forward to watching our students leave this school and start working in their communities. My desire is for them to not just become nurses and midwives but, most importantly, to become missionaries. They are God’s servants who can travel and work across borders with the skills God is gifting them. My prayer is that whenever they touch a patient, the patient and student are no longer the same.”

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