Kevin Crow is our new Sponsorship Coordinator here at the AMG International home office. He assists with communication and record processing in the Child Sponsorship Program.

Kevin attended Seattle Pacific University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Educational Ministry. He then received his master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University in the field of Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Archaeology. During his academic years, Kevin spent his summers participating in archaeological digs in northern Israel. 

After moving to Colorado, Kevin became a law enforcement officer and specialized in field medicine during emergencies. During this period, God radically changed his life and called him into the missions field.

Kevin then went on an 11-month mission trip to 14 different countries called the World Race, leading a team through Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and India. Kevin saw the immense need for people’s basic and spiritual needs to be met, and through prayer, dedicated his life to a mission-oriented ministry. During his year on the mission field, he met his best friend Haley, and they married once they returned to the United States.

Now living in Chattanooga, Kevin and his wife spend their off-time hiking, creating art, and taking care of their very hairy Husky dog. If you have any questions for Kevin Crow, please reach out to him at