Have you or someone you know ever experienced unexpected loss of a home or property, or even that of a loved one because of an accident or due to a natural or man-made disaster? Even if you have not experienced it yourself, you can imagine the overwhelming feeling of despair and hopelessness when such a tragedy strikes. You can see the devastation in people’s faces.

Sadly, such tragedies happen regularly around the world. Disasters strike far too often, and that is why we created a special fund so we are always ready to step in when they do strike.

Sometimes these disasters are beyond anyone’s control, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding, and volcanic eruptions. But they can also be man-made such as the flood of Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi, and Iranian refugees created from all the fighting in the war-torn Middle Eastern region of the world. Regardless of the cause, it is heartbreaking to see people who have lost loved ones and/or their worldly possessions. They have lost hope and they are in desperate need of help.

That’s when disasters become opportunities for believers to tangibly express the love of Christ by meeting the very deep needs of people who urgently require help. And, when we do that, God restores hope in their lives – the hope that only He can provide.

It seems like every year we have the opportunity to assist those facing some sort of disaster in an area where we minister. In the last couple of years we have come alongside families that lost their homes to a typhoon in the Philippines and to an earthquake in Mexico. We have also had the opportunity to minister to Muslim refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran who fled to Greece to escape conflicts.

Because of the generous support of our financial partners, we have been able to provide clothing and supplies, rebuild homes, plant churches, establish new communities, and express the love of Jesus in a variety of ways. Thanks to God, physical and emotional needs have been met, and people once again have hope for the future.

Even more importantly, God has used these tragedies to draw people to Him. Out of disasters have come new or growing churches in communities that have experienced disaster and found help through AMG. Even among refugees, there is a weekly church gathering in Arabic in one of our centers outside Athens. During the week there are Bible studies offered in Greek, English, French, and Kurdish! In another center, which we support in the north, more than 400 refugees come each week for help, and the parents are now sending their children to us for Bible lessons!

God can take a tragedy and use it for His purposes. You and I have the opportunity be His hands and feet by providing desperately needed help, meeting essential needs, and inspiring the hope that only Jesus can bring in the lives of those facing hardships. Will you prayerfully come alongside AMG and help us continue to serve and minister to those who are in the middle of a disaster right now, or will be in the near future? With your prayers and financial support we can respond to the next disaster, make His love known, and bring glory to His name.