This is a letter from AMG National Leader Samuel Muchiri serving in Kenya. He has been working to provide food and supplies for pastors whose churches have been shut down since last spring.

Thank you so very much for your continued support of the ministers and their families here in Kenya. I wish you were all there to see the joy, excitement, and disbelief on the faces of the people of Kenya when we deliver their food and cleaning supplies. We are always met with tears of joy, from myself mostly, when we can be a small part of instilling the hope they need.

COVID-19 brought on many hardships to our area of ministry. With a drastic decrease in weekly income for our pastors, many families were forced to leave the towns and cities they were ministering in to move back to more affordable and rural housing. Our churches have fallen under quite substantial hardships during the pandemic. Many congregations have lost the ability to support their pastors, forcing these ministers to find unique ways to make ends meet. For example, some pastors started a taxi business with their motorcycles, usually used to spread the gospel in rural villages to make enough to put food on the table.

Not only have we struggled due to the many effects of the pandemic, severe flooding has completely submerged entire towns and farms, forcing pastors and their congregations to seek refuge on higher grounds. We have been traveling all over the country to deliver relief baskets, and I remember one instance in particular when we asked to visit the home of one of the ministers. They were hesitant to invite us in. We only found out later that they were severely struggling and did not want to invite us because they did not have any food to prepare a meal for us. When we did arrive, they were astonished and began to weep when we gave them the supplies we had for them. It was a humbling experience to witness the impact the Lord has on these families around us.

As you pray for the people of Kenya, please specifically be praying for the following:

  • We have around 200 churches that need thermometers to be able to resume service again
  • Emergency supplies to the ministers and their families affected by the floods
  • Continuous supplies to the families who have been impacted by COVID-19
  • The establishment of an AMG Kenya office and instillation of national leaders
  • God’s grace, unity, and strength to the AMG Kenyan team as we serve throughout our country

On behalf of all the team members of AMG Kenya, we want to express our gratitude toward our sponsors who help meet the deepest needs of the Kenyan people.

Pastor Samuel Muchiri