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Meeting the Deepest Needs

AMG International is a Gospel-first global ministry that meets people’s deepest needs — spiritual and physical — while inspiring hope, restoring lives and transforming communities. For over 75 years, we have leveraged the insights of local leaders and churches that know their communities best to identify the right strategies to meet the deepest needs. Our methods include child and youth development, media evangelism, pastor training, church planting, medical care and disaster relief.

Inspiring Hope

AMG International’s greatest desire is to inspire hope in people as their deepest spiritual and physical needs are being met. When children are fed, educated and enjoying good health, families can envision a brighter, hope-filled future. With the support of generous donors and the commitment of passionate national partners, AMG International is able to care for the health, education, development and overall well-being of children and families worldwide. As we do this, we keep the Gospel at the forefront of all we say and do. We pray that people would be in awe of God’s presence and recognize that He is the reason for the hope they have.

Restoring Lives

For lives to be restored, we need to address the whole person. In many cases, one’s physical hardships can be overwhelming, making it difficult for him or her to be receptive to spiritual issues. As such, we believe caring for both spiritual and physical needs is important, and this holistic approach is vital to pointing people toward Christ. We also are intentional about how we work, and we pursue solutions that lead to genuine restoration. Everything we do is designed to demonstrate the love of Christ to people in need, while gently guiding them into relationship with the Savior. We consider the root issues, not merely the symptoms. Our work is done in a way that when one need is met, people experience a spillover effect into other aspects of their life. For example, when women are educated, they enjoy better health, thus improving the health and well-being of their children.

Transforming Communities

At the heart of AMG International’s work is our partnership with local leaders and churches that have deep, genuine connections with the people we serve. We believe this is essential to recognizing people’s deepest needs and their greatest assets. Once we identify these needs, we can then implement solutions in partnership with the local church and like-minded organizations that are unique to each community while also respecting the local culture. Pastors and church leaders receive training, children’s nutrition and medical needs are met, communities are rebuilt, churches are planted, the sick are cared for, the Gospel is shared, and parents learn to care for and protect their children. As lives are changed through outward interventions, AMG International continually emphasizes the life-saving hope of the Gospel, therefore transforming communities spiritually and physically.


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AMG International’s original mission was to reach the Greeks in America and abroad. Since then, our ministries have grown to serve people in over 35 countries. Click on the map to learn more about our work in a specific part of the world.



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