AMG International is actively at work serving and ministering to people in need in Grand Bassin in Northeast Haiti. The community hasn’t seen any rain for several months. Villagers depend on rain to water their gardens, grow small crops and provide for their livestock. According to AMG’s national leader in Haiti, Rodne Romeus, “Access to water has become a major problem for many people.” He asks, “Who can live more than a day in high heat conditions without just a glass of water?” “Without water people can’t bathe or wash their clothes.” He goes on to say, Water impacts our daily lives in numerous ways.” So, what happens when the skies stop providing rain?” According to Rodne, “Cows, horses and goats are dying in great numbers every day.”

To help address the lack of water facing people in Grand Bassin, AMG installed a well in in close proximity to our medical clinic several years ago. It is getting a great deal of use, but the current demand for water exceeds the well’s output. It hasn’t rained in Grand Bassin for over eight straight months. Imagine that. With the help of our donors, AMG is repairing and installing new wells in the community. One community member recently said, “the wells are very helpful because water is life.” Another villager said, “By providing water to the community, the church is living out the example and expectation set by Jesus.”

Together, we have also provided rice to over 500 families. Rodne makes sure that community members and families understand that the work we do in meeting people’s needs, in this case by providing food and clean water, is directed by God. And, he encourages villagers in Grand Bassin to except Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Rodne is grateful for the support provided by AMG donors in bringing water to the severely drought-ridden area of Haiti. He recently writes, “Thank you so much for providing well water for the benefit of the community. May the Lord richly bless you, and may you continue to pray for and support our community because so far, there is no rain.”