“I would like a copy of the New Testament.”

“I thank God for giving me a new life in Christ.”

“­Since I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart, my life has changed for the better!”

These are just some of the hundreds of responses we receive from people who have read AMG International’s gospel advertisements in newspapers and Facebook ads, or listened to a radio broadcast that carried the Good News. These responses come from Buddhists in Thailand, Hindus in India, Muslims in Indonesia and Turkey, and agnostics in Cyprus who are all searching for the truth and for real peace. God has been and continues to use AMG’s sharing of the gospel through radio, print ads and the Internet to meet people’s deepest spiritual needs and to restore hope in their lives.

For 70 years, AMG has been using media to proclaim the gospel. Dr. Spiros and Mrs. Joan Zodhiates (who passed on to Glory at the end of February) recognized early on the power of media to reach the lost for Christ. They realized that the Word could go places where no Christian would ever be welcome. In the privacy of one’s home, a Muslim, a Hindu, or a Buddhist could read the gospel message and respond without fear.

Orhan (not his real name) in Turkey is an example. Although only in his early twenties, he was an imam and Muslim teacher who led prayer in his local mosque. Nevertheless, something was missing in Orhan’s life. After searching for answers on his own for three years, he read about the Good News and signed up for an AMG Bible correspondence course. He was sincere in his search, and God worked in his heart. When AMG national leaders reached out to him, he had many questions about the Christian faith. After thoughtfully considering the answers given by our national leaders, Orhan committed his life to Jesus.

Dr. and Mrs. Zodhiates also realized another great strength of media evangelism — its cost-effectiveness. For just a few dollars, we could reach hundreds, even thousands of people in places where missionaries would not be welcome. Over the years, a significant part of the Zodhiates’ legacy is the millions of people who responded to these messages requesting copies of the Scriptures, Bible correspondence lessons, and information about Jesus.

With support from our faithful resource partners, AMG’s media evangelism ministry remains strong today. And, it is needed now more than ever. At a time when people are fearful and afraid of their future because of COVID-19 and its consequences, they desperately need to hear the message of the gospel that will point them to the One who can bring true peace to their lives. Today, you and I have a tremendous opportunity to come alongside fearful men and women who are looking for hope. Will you prayerfully partner with us to restore hope in the lives of those who desperately need to find truth and peace through the Good News? Together, we can have an even greater impact in the world for the kingdom.

Tasos Ioannidis